Blood Therapy OCD 100Grn

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Product Overview

Blood Therapy Broadheads, LLC is the maker of some of the most uniquely designed broadheads on the market today. Embrace Your Disorder! The Original Circular Design (OCD) is a unique circular blade cut on contact broadhead, designed for maximum penetration and minimal entry resistance. The circular blade is designed to rotate upon contact with bone, leading to less resistance and a higher percentage of pass throughs. Circular blade design allows continuous cutting during penetration for excellent hemorraging results. Aerodynamic design, compact ferrule, and circular razor sharp blades equal devastating wound channels.

  • 3.14" Circular Cutting Surface (1" diameter)
  • 9/16" COC Tip
  • .059" Blade Thickness (Circular Blade)
  • .039" Blade Thickness (COC Tip)
  • 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Ferrule
  • 420J2 Stainless Steel/Teflon Coated Blades
  • 100% Spin Tested Accuracy


(No reviews yet) Write a Review