Muddy Pro Cam 10

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Product Overview

The Pro Cam 10 is the second trail camera in Muddy Outdoors’ new game camera line up. This economical value of a trail camera features 10 megapixel images and invisible flash. The Pro cam 10 trail camera runs off of 6 AA batteries which lasts for 10,000 images and offers a 1.5 second trigger speed with a 50 ft detection range. This camera offers all the bells and whistles of a solid trail camera with a better price for hunters. The body of this trail camera is made from a non-reflective molded ABS waterproof housing that can resist temperature as low as -10°F and up to 140°F.Afterwards, you can review the camera ID, date, time, temperature and moon phase stamped on each photo. You can also record videos. Mounting strap with buckle included.

Pro Cam 10 Specs

SIZE: 4.75″ H x 4.25″ W x 2.5″ D;

  • SCREEN: Backlit LCD Screen;
  • FLASH RANGE: 50’+;
  • LEDS: 18;
  • IMAGE QUALITY: 10 Megapixel;
  • TRIGGER DELAY: 7 Options: 10 Sec – 30 Min.;
  • IMAGE DATA: Camera ID, Date, Time, Temp, & Moon Phase;
  • VIDEO: 4 Options: 10 – 60 Seconds Length;
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS: Adjustable Strap with Buckle; Alternate: 1/4″ – 20;
  • THEFT DETERRENCE: Cable Lock and Padlock Ready;
  • BATTERY TYPE: 6 AA or 12V DC Alternate Power Option;
  • COLOR: Non-Reflective Brown;
  • MATERIAL: Molded ABS; Waterproof Housing;
  • MEMORY: Requires Secure Digital Card, Up to 32GB;
  • OPERATING TEMP: -10 Degrees F to 140 Degrees F;
  • FIELD OF VIEW: 3 Zone + 50 Degree Detection Angle;
  • BURST INTERVAL: 2 Seconds;
  • BATTERY LIFE: Up to 10,000 Images


(No reviews yet) Write a Review