Muzzy HB-Ti Blade 100grn 4 Blade

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Product Overview

The Muzzy Titanium Trocar® HB-Ti Broadhead combines the best fixed blade technology, with a pair of center-pivot blades that deploy on contact with a titanium ferrule, providing the perfect weight to density ratio. The rearward-deploying, 0.039-inch-thick surgically sharp stainless-steel wing blades stay securely tucked tight in flight, but reliably deploy upon contact for a total cutting diameter of 1 5/8 inches on contact. The .050-inch-thick one-piece fixed blade has a single-bevel edge that increases arrow spin in flight. 

Taking a reputation for broadheads with bone-crushing capabilities the new Muzzy Trocar HB-Ti, takes the potential for destruction to a whole new level thanks to a streamlined titanium ferrule, .050-inch-thick one-piece single-bevel serrated fixed blade edge and a pair of expandable .039-inch-thick expandable wing blades to maximize damage. This compact and aerodynamic 100-grain broadhead flies as true as a field point prior to expansion but unleashes total cutting surfaces of 2 5/8-inches for complete devastation upon impact. Titanium strength and field point 100 grain accuracy; this 4-blade is field proven and recommended for turkey, deer, bear, and elk hunting.


  • Machined titanium ferrule
  • 100 grain
  • 1" fixed blade cutting diameter
  • 1 5/8" expandable cutting diameter
  • .039" thick expandable wing blades
  • .050" thick, single bevel serrated fixed blade
  • Single piece fixed blade
  • Stainless steel fixed blade retention collar
  • 4 Blade
  • Offset fixed blades to induce spin

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review