NAP COC Killzone Maxx 100 Grn 2 3/8" Cut

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Product Overview

The Killzone Maxx is NAP’s largest cutting diameter broadhead in the Killzone line. A devastating 2-3/8″ cutting diameter along with Killzone’s rear-deploying design and patented blade retention technology.The field-point accurate Killzone Maxx uses NAP’s unique spring-clip design which ensures your blades won’t open in flight or in your quiver. There are no o-rings or rubber bands to worry about.  And thanks to a massive 2 3/8″ cutting diameter, the Killzone Maxx packs a massive punch to ensure your trophy won’t go far. Use standard Killzone practice head to mimic flight characteristics of the Killzone Maxx. If your looking for HUGE bloodtrails that are short, great penetration, fieldpoint accuracy, and success....This is your broadhead! 


• Trusted performance as the original Killzone broadheads with a larger cutting diameter
• Cut-on-contact tip for increased devastation and massive wound channels
• Recommended for compounds with a 60 pound draw weight or greater
• Weight: 100 gr.
• Cut Diameter: 2-3/8"
• # of Blades: 2
• Heads Per Pack: 3
• Includes free practice blades


(No reviews yet) Write a Review