Theory FX Recurve 66" Blue RH 20#

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Product Overview

The PSE Theory FX is the perfect bow for the competitive archer. Sporting a pro competition look and feel, this bow offers features found on higher-level competition bows, such as tiller and limb adjustment, at an entry-level price. The PSE Theory FX recurve is the perfect solution for recurve archers who want a high-performance competition bow in a complete package at an entry level price. A Perfect ILF Riser With Maple Core Limbs For That Perfect Recurve Set Up For Accuracy and Speed. Risers Available In Blue, Flo Green, Purple, and Red. 

  • Blue ILF Riser Flat, cut-past center shelf
  • ILF limb pockets 
  • Lateral limb adjustment capabilities
  • 25" die cast aluminum.
  • Tapped with plunger, ATA Accessory (AMO sight), clicker, and stabilizer bushings.
  • ILF limb pockets with lateral limb adjustment capabilities.
  • Black plastic removable grip.
  • Glass backed Hard Maple core limbs 20#
  • Dacron endless loop string
  • RH or LH
  • Rest Not included
  • 66" AMO



(No reviews yet) Write a Review