Xecutioner Red 75 Grn Xpandable 6 Pak

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Product Overview

If you want to shoot the best expandable broadhead on the market then Xecutioner Broadheads are going to be your next purchase. Present Day Technology and Superior Metal Strength equal Maxium Carnage Everytime. Available in 75 grain these broadheads produce results. A cut on contact system that has an expanadable 2.5" cutting diameter that produces the absolute most devistation you can imagine. 3 Postion O ring system comes standard on each broadhead for Low poundage, High poundage, and Crossbow settings. The O Ring system eliminates the need for mulitple broadhead purchases from different bows. Welcome to a New Generation of Broadhead! 


  • -Expandable 2.5" Cutting Diameter
  • -Cut On Contact
  • -Razor Sharp
  • -3 O Ring Postions
  • -.40" Thickness
  • -100 Grain
  • -Red in Color
  • -6 Broadheads



(No reviews yet) Write a Review