Gearhead Archery B30

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Gearhead Archery continues to innovate with our completely ADJUSTABLE B-Series bows! These B-Series bows are the most significant step forward in innovated design since the invention of the compound bow. Bold statement, yes.... We know! This B-Series has a bad ass look with 4 bows in the lineup; B24, B30, B34, and B36. The B number represents the axle to axle distance of each model. Each bow can adjust the brace height to 5, 6 or 7 inches! With other bow companies that would be 3 separate bows. Like all Gearhead bows, the B-Series will convert right to left and or vice versa. The grip is not an integral part of the riser structure, which enables it to be interchangeable. Gearhead has developed 6 grips in the Pick a Grip system to allow the shooter to choose the best grip option for their fit and feel.The B-Series has 10 pounds of draw weight adjustment with the new Zero Gap limb pockets. The new RA (Rotational Adjustment) cams provide 4 inches of draw length adjustment with a rotational module. Adjusting the draw length takes only minutes. You will also be able to short string to a different post on the cam for another half inch of adjustability.Couple the cam adjustability with the Slider Grip and the possibilities are in your control. The new Slider Grip will allow the grip to be moved .5” forward and 1.25” back in .25” increments. It also allows the grip to be moved .375” left or right in .125” increments to eliminate grip torque and keep the center shot aligned. There are 3 Slider Grips to choose from; Standard, Flatback and the new 1911. The new B-Series has up to 9 mounting positions for stabilizers.The RA cams have a fully adjustable limb stop so the bow’s let-off can be micro tuned up to 85%. This also lets you determine how the draw valley feels. Gearhead Archery built more speed into these cams. The B-Series is one of the fastest new bows of 2019! The Gearhead Archery team continues to push forward with new models that utilize the strongest riser design in the business. The bridge style shoot through riser is stress-free, unparalleled in compression strength, built-in accuracy and now fully adjustable! These are perfect mid-sized bows for hunting or target. The 1911 Slider grip comes standard on the B30 and B34 along with a black hard coat anodizing, a ST-2 stabilizer mount and sound dampening. Custom Dipping and Gearhead Packs are an additional cost.


  • IBO Speed: 350fps
  • 30.50" axle to axle
  • 4.50lbs weight**, 95 ft-lb kinetic energy
  • Draw weights available: 50/60/70
  • Draw range: 25.50" to 31.50"
  • Brace height range: 5.25" to 7.00"
  • Anodized Black 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review