Hamskea Archery Raptor Peep 3/16"

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Product Overview

he new Raptor Peep™ is the latest in a long line of Hamskea industry leading products. Leveraging the patent pending light baffling technology from the original lnSight™ Peep, now hunters can experience "game changing" performance just like the target archers since the introduction of the original lnSight peep. The days of low light glare in the wood is now gone. Having a crisp clear sight picture under all lighting conditions is now the standard. Hunters can choose between two aperture sizes of 3/16" (0.188") and 1/4" (0.25"). Each peep has two string groove angles of 35 and 40 degree to choose from which allows for the best installation on any hunting bow. The Raptor Peep™ is proudly made in the U.S. and are 100% metal alloy constructed for durability, performance and craftsmanship. You can literally see what you've been missing with the new Raptor Peep™!


  • Baffled interior surface reflects light away from your eye eliminating all glare
  • Reflecting unwanted light produces more consistent images and less frustration in different lighting conditions
  • Designed with aerospace anti-glare technology that produces a field of view with zero distortions
  • Dual string angle grooves of 35° and 40°
  • Constructed of black magnesium housing for the best durability and least amount of glare
  • One peep for all bow sizes and draw length
  • 100% Metal Alloy 
  • Made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review