Shore Runner EXT KIT With Winch Pro Reel

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Product Overview

Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner EXT With Winch Pro Reel,  Whether you like to snap and shoot or your bowfishing style is as simple as holding back and letting the fish come to you, the Shore Runner is a sure thing. The constant draw cam provides easy tuning no matter your draw length out to 29 inches. This 31.5-inch axle-to-axle bow features a 15 to 45-pound draw weight range and doesn't need a bow press for adjustments, simply start stick's  6.25" brace height and 3.5 total package weight. Comes Matte Kryptek Red Camo Pattern to make this set up a winning combination.


EXT Kit includes: 

• Constant draw cam allows for shooters of all sizes and draw lengths
• Allows you to snap shoot or hold the bow back and wait for the fish to come to you
• Draw length: 17" - 29"
• Draw weight: 15 - 45 lbs
• Brush Fire Arrow Rest
• Winch Pro bowfishing reel
• Blister Buster finger pads
• Red Fiberglass arrow with Piranha point

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review