Tru-Fire Smoke Extreme Buckle Wrist Strap

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Tru-Fire Smoke Extreme Buckle Release

If you’re looking for the "state of the art" bowhunting release this year, look no further. The jaws on all of the Smoke releases open when you depress the trigger, and close when you let up on the trigger. The Smoke line utilizes a free-floating, self centering steel roller that does not slide over the jaws but rolls along the inside of the jaws. This new patented design makes these releases the smoothest on the market today. It's perfect for use with a nock loop or straight off the serving. The Smoke's also have heat treated jaws and triggers that are coated with a super smooth finish for years of dependable use. All can be adjusted for trigger pressure. 
    • Compact size with 3" of length adjustment
    • Forward trigger and jaws work off a linear motion bearing
    • Jaws will open when trigger is pressed and closes when you let up
    • Perfect for use with a nock loop or straight off the serving
    • Ambidexterous with a buckle strap
    • Black Buckle Wrist Strap


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review